Part-time CFO Services offered by Elite Financial Agency can save you time and moneyQuite often it is not possible for small and medium-sized companies to employ a full time Chief Financial Officer. Outsourcing CFO responsibilities is a cost-effective way to focus on challenges facing your organization.

We provide accounting and business solutions targeted towards small to medium-sized businesses, including:

  • Significant year-end adjusting entries
  • CRA audit adjustment concerns
  • No budget for a full-time bookkeeper
  • Overloaded in-house accounting functions
  • Lost bookkeeping and payroll resources
  • Lack of time for administrative work
  • More time needed to focus on runnig the business
  • Outdated accounting software
  • Desirous of leveraging cloud-based systems
  • Preparation of budgets for cash flow and profit planning purposes
  • Monitor and assess performance of the business to budget and industry ratios
  • Risk management services
  • Strategic long-term cash flow and tax planning

The benefits of utilizing part-time CFO services include:

  • Manage day-to-day accounting issues
  • Improve business decisions
  • Free up valuable time to focus on priorities to grow business
  • Access reliable, current accounting software solutions
  • Operate with increased flexibility by accessing your data from teh cloud

More streamlined accounting functions reduce costs and increase efficiency and profitability allowing you to focus on your business practices.

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